1998 – 2007
“Ciossetto” Centre in Sementina 1st phase
Square, gymnasium and multi-purpose recreation hall


The neighbourhood known as “Ciossetto”, situated east of the church, is a wide area of vineyards open to the countryside, with an old dry stone wall and cart track running along the north-east boundary. Within the fabric of the village, this space represents a large and providential “empty urban space”, a unique opportunity to create a new landmark for the community and a sense of continuity with the complex of the church nucleus.
The project has given shape to this “empty urban space”, and the multi-purpose hall and gymnasium now form a boundary along the sides of the square facing the church. At present covered by vineyards, this space will become a green public area with the future construction of the schools, thus creating a kind of large courtyard, a breathing space within the built-up area.
A spacious arcade acts as mediator in the relationship between the square and the new structures whilst providing a valuable covered area. To the northeast a new pedestrian walkway marks the boundary with building land and, passing through the “Ciossetto” centre, connects the church nucleus with the residential parts of the village. The complex consists of low buildings which open onto the countryside towards the Magadino Plain. There is a dialogue between the horizontality of the construction and the verticality of the church. The stone facing of the facades recalls the stone of the old stone wall along the cart track.