2009 – 2013

The new detached houses are let by the local landowners’ association to young families that wish to settle in Isone. They are situated at the beginning of the village, close to the primary school. The mandate resulted from a competition by invitation in 1999. The terrain slopes towards the south-east boundary, where there is vehicle access from the road. The buildings are bounded by a canalised stream to the north-west and above by the school garden. The parcel enjoys excellent exposure to the sun and a beautiful view of the surrounding region. The design consists of the building of two detached houses, placed parallel to the contour line; included is the possible future construction above of a third house. A path at right angles to the contour line connects the buildings to an access area below where the houses have their garages and storerooms. This path can be extended to the school garden. Each unit is set on five staggered levels: the entrance on the middle level, with the hall, shower and a bedroom; descending a half-floor there are two more bedrooms, a bathroom and a study area; on the lower level there is the utility and laundry room. Going up a half-floor from the entrance there is the kitchen and dining room looking out onto a large covered terrace joined to the garden. From the kitchen, the last flight of stairs leads to the mansard living room, facing the village. A careful study of the topographical relief with the intention of inserting the buildings without the need for retaining walls avoided modification of the natural lie of the land.

Photographs: © 2014 Filippo Simonetti