Caraa d Mézz
Competition by invitation for the design and construction of a residential complex in Lumino,
1st prize

Lumino is a village to the north of Bellinzona surrounded by imposing mountains. The southern slopes are still covered in vineyards but little by little these plots of land are disappearing as they are subdivided into ever-smaller lots where detached houses are duly built. The orography of the terrain with its steep inclination is thus often and inevitably radically altered. The terrain in question is an exception inasmuch as it extends over an area of nearly 3,000 mand the clients have opted for a global approach to the whole sector. This has made it possible to develop a different residential concept. The design in fact envisages the construction of three buildings positioned side by side in conformity with the winding road above, where the flats to be let are placed. The area below is destined for the realisation of a separate residential building which, like a sort of upside down attic, is reached vertically from the road via the staircases of the building above. The whole construction is set within a network of paths and lanes (a sort of architectural promenade) which recreate a spatial situation like that of the centre of the village.