2013 – 2016

Cresciano is a small village in the Riviera district, with many distinctive characteristics and natural features.
The imposing mountains to the east and west dominate the landscape, the texture of the rock appearing patchily in the extensive wooded expanse. In the old centre of the village public and private spaces alternate by means of private courtyards and small squares with fountains, which are set among buildings of wood and stone. These considerations were the premise for a design approach respecting the place and its characteristics. The lot is located to the south of the village centre. The area features extensive development, with one or two-storey detached houses and a single five-storey block. These buildings have often modified the natural slope with artificial promontories.
The idea behind the project was to define the private space of the house with a boundary wall, within which the various rooms open out. The height of the wall perforce directs one’s gaze towards the mountains and the sky and thus to relate solely with the natural elements of the place.

Photographs: © 2017 Filippo Simonetti