Born in Locarno on 7th June 1962

1978 – 1981

High School in Bellinzona

1981 – 1987

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ)


Work experience at Dolf Schnebli & Associates, architects, Agno


Work experience at Francesco Cellini architecture firm, Rome


Degree from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich,
Chair: Prof. Mario Campi


Work at Krähenbühl & Bomio, architects, Riva San Vitale

1987 – 1990

Opens studio with brother, Stefano Guerra, in Bellinzona

Since 1990

Continues with own studio in Bellinzona

Since 1987

Member of SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, Institute of Architects)

Since 1990

Member of OTIA (Canton Ticino Order of Engineers and Architects)

1991 – 2000

Member of the SIA Committee, Ticino section

Since 1998

Member of the board of FAAT (Archives of Ticino Architects Foundation)

2000 – 2006

Member of the cantonal Commission for the Conservation of Areas of Natural Beauty and Landscapes

2008 – 2017

Member of cantonal Commission for Cultural Heritage

2013 – 2019

Member of the auditing committee of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects central office